Books & Beds

Books & Beds is a great place to stay if you are into budget traveling in Kuala Lumpur. The city itself is vibrant and lively, neither is Books & Beds co-living space. Affordable and yet providing all the basic amenities with nicely done rooms. We do have long term/monthly rental as well as per night. If you want to stay in the city center, Books & Beds is definitely the ideal place in terms of distance.


Catering to the needs and desires of the urban millennial in expensive cities like Kuala Lumpur, Books & Beds advertise a community of people who do more than live together; they experience life together. It sounds cheesy, especially for a housing situation that most closely resembles a hostel than anything else. Our design are more focused on Rough Luxx, a mindset that treats luxury as a moment in time rather than a thing to be mindlessly consumed. We offer weekly cleaning, spacious laundry area, 3 luxurious shared bathrooms, shared kitchen supplies, “superfast Wi-Fi,” single and twin bedrooms that come fully furnished and flexibility. For a young person trying to make a home in a big new city, it seems like a great deal


Books & Beds is a place to be for all the book lovers out there. You will be surrounded with good books and also the best hospitality that you could ever experience in a co-living space. Our rough luxe interior design with much effort taken in decorating each corner of the space will surely impress you!

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